Hang Multiple Hammocks On a Single Branch

For hammock lovers, it’s the ultimate dilemma. What do you do when you’ve got plenty of hammocks but not enough trees? Luckily, just because you’re short on trees doesn’t mean you’ve got to suffer. We’re here to help you find the best ways to hang multiple hammocks on a single branch.

Choose Your Hammock
In a perfect world, all hammocks would fit on all trees. Unfortunately, this wishful thinking just doesn’t pan out in reality. If you try to suspend a few family-sized hammocks on a single tree, you might find yourself struggling for space (and support.) A great option for hanging multiples is a single travel hammock. Lightweight, supportive, and easy to adjust, they’re perfect for enjoying in the company of other hammock lovers.

Find Your Tree
Finding the right tree to support multiple hammocks is key. You definitely want to be sure that the tree you’ve got in mind is strong enough to keep you and your friends swinging safely. Choose trees that have sturdy trunks and that can support the body weight of everyone who plans on hanging out. Ideally, you’ll find trees that have trunks measuring at least 6” in diameter. Have a look to ensure that there are no dead branches or any other evidence of structural issues. After all, you want to spend time relaxing, not worrying about taking a tumble.

Determine Spacing
Ideally, a hammock is suspended from trees that stand at least 3 metres apart. When setting up more than one hammock, it’s best to try to keep this space rule in mind. Chances are you’ll find it more comfortable and a lot less constrictive. Additionally, the spacing ensures that the hammocks don’t hang too low to the ground which is important as it keeps the fibres from getting damaged and ensures that you get a good, relaxing swing.

Go Side-by-Side
Hanging two hammocks beside one another results in a cozy set up, perfect for those who don’t mind sharing their space. If you’d prefer a little more room to breathe, consider tying the ends of both hammocks to one tree and then separating the other ends to individual branches. Sound confusing? Just think of it as a hammock triangle.

Get Vertical
Who doesn’t love a good bunk bed? Childhood memories are made of sleeping in the coveted top bunk and just because you’re all grown up, the fun doesn’t have to stop. To stack two or more hammocks, simply follow the spacing and size rules of single-hammock hanging. It’s important to consider the distance between the two hammocks because on the one hand, you want to ensure that the two occupants aren’t too close but you also need to know that the person on top can get out without falling.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?