4 Reasons you need a hammock while lakeside camping

We all know hammocks are great. But there are certain times, certain places, where their greatness is amplified.

One such magical place is on the shore of a lake.

If you’ve never hammocked lakeside, here are 4 reasons you should add a visit to a local lake to your calendar. Bring a tent, stay the night, and, with a hammock, you will have an experience for the memory book.

1. Catch a breeze
Rocking in a breeze is one of the main reasons people like to hammock. Breezes are much more common on the shore of a body of water thanks to the difference in temperature on shore versus over the water.


Hammocking on a lake, you’ll not only catch a breeze, you’ll be able to ride it all afternoon. Try NOT to be relaxed with a constant gentle breeze pushing at your hammocks straps…

2. Air Dry
Of course, if you’re camping on a lake you’re probably going to go swimming.

Rather than toweling off immediately, set your hammock up in a sunny spot beforehand. Then, when you’re ready to dry off, hop in your hammock and relax in the sun’s rays.


You’ll warm up, dry off, get some vitamin D, and feel great.

3. Relax in the Water AND on Land
There are few things more relaxing than being gently suspended in a lake’s water. One thing that is more relaxing? Being suspended between two trees after spending the day in the water.


Without a hammock, your post-swim seating options are rigid and rather un-relaxing.

With a hammock, though, you can keep the relaxation train going from lake to land.

4. Lakeside Sunsets From a Hammock
Sunsets are nature’s daily gift.

Watching the sun set over a calm lake is one of the best ways to receive that gift.

Perhaps the only way to watch a sunset that’s better than watching it set over a calm lake is to watch it set over a calm lake from a hammock.


It’s the perfect way to end a relaxing day, and the perfect way to end our list of reasons you need to bring a hammock with you the next time you go to a lake.

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There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?