5 Reasons Camping With Hammocks Makes More Sense

Hammocks are some of the most versatile relaxing apparatuses in the world and are useful in many more places than just the beach. They’re also perfect for camping excursions. In fact, after reading this list you might wonder why you ever thought you needed a tent at all.


You Can Sleep On It
This one seems obvious, but it needs to be said; would you rather sleep in a hammock or in a tent? One lifts you safely above the ground for a cozy, swaying slumber without having to worry about creep crawlers sneaking their way into your bag or underground rocks cramping your comfort. A hammock provides a myriad of benefits over a tent when it comes to bedtime, and they’re also less expensive in many cases.

Hammock Food Hangers
Experienced campers will tell you that you should never leave your food on the ground when you go to sleep at night. Aside from risking ants creeping into your campfire croissant, it can also attract bigger threats like wolves and bears. You could, of course, hang your food from a branch but how sanitary is that? There’s dirt on those, you know. Instead, if you don’t want to sleep in your hammock (it could be drafty that night) you can use it to hang your food in a safe spot above the ground and out of reach.

They’re Closer to Nature
If you’re looking for a roof over your head when you go camping you’re doing it wrong. You can find shelter back at home. Camping is about getting in touch with nature and there’s no better way to do that than sleeping out under the stars. You can’t see the stars in a tent unless you get one of those fancy ones where the top comes off, but if that’s the case why are you in the tent in the first place? A hammock puts you right out there in the wild safely above the ground so a raccoon can’t crawl into your sleeping bag or a bear and drop a deuce on your face (what? It probably happens).

You Can Set One Up Anywhere
On long hiking trips through the woods or mountains you never know when you’ll come across a space open enough to drop a tent. With a hammock that simply isn’t an issue; there are trees everywhere! You don’t have to worry about ground conditions, sharing camping space or any of that nonsense. Just tie up and you’re good to go.

It Saves Space
It’s probably fair to say that your average hammock weighs less than a tent. They don’t take up as much space either and fold up neatly in your pack. Tents, on the other hand, can be bulky, only fold a particular way and take up too much room. Save yourself some space and weight and go with the hammock instead.

You can sit around a debate the pros and cons of using a hammock and a tent all day if you want but we think it’s pretty clear which is best. Go ahead and toss out that tent now and start picking out an extra hammock instead.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?