7 Reasons You Should Hang a Hammock Inside your Home

If you close your eyes and picture yourself in a hammock, you’ll likely find yourself visualizing palm trees on a tropical beach. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t, because that sounds fantastic. But hammocks shouldn’t be relegated strictly to the outdoors. There are many rewards to having a hammock in your own home, from its aesthetic value to tangible health benefits. Hammocks have long been considered squarely in the “outdoor recreation” category, but you’ll be rethinking this after considering the 7 reasons below.



You’ll be the envy of all your friends.
You’ll be an early adaptor of a growing trend in modern interior design. A quick look on Pinterest will confirm that hanging hammocks indoors is popular and increasing among those with stylish and fashionable homes. One explanation for this is that it’s surprising, unique and, unlike most household furniture, it’s fun. Choose one with a decorative fringe for a bohemian vibe, or a hammock with a spreader bar for a classic aesthetic.

Hammocks aren’t just relaxing: they have real health benefits.
There’s a reason why babies love to be rocked and why grandparents love rocking chairs. Rocking chairs have been shown to release endorphins, improving the well-being of nursing home patients. Healthy adults reap all the same benefits from rocking, and a hammock is a hip way to get the rewards. Just a few minutes spent sitting in a hammock can lower blood pressure and relieve stress. It’s a great place to unwind after work, before work or anytime at all.

Kids love them, and hammocks are good for them.
Hammocks aren’t just for adults. To kids, an indoor hammock is practically a personal playground. But they aren’t just fun: kids receive the same benefits as adults, and hammocks have even been shown to work wonders calming children with ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities.

They are versatile.
Unlike a couch, a hammock is easy to move and temporarily store. If you’re hosting a large dinner or throwing a party and need more space, you can simply unhook your hammock and throw it in the closet until you’re ready to put it back up.

They are cheaper than a couch.
A new leather couch will set you back a few thousand dollars; a high quality and sustainably sourced hammock can be purchased for a fraction of that. Plus, you can also factor out the cost of expensive shipping and hiring movers.

There are all kinds of options to choose from.
For every home, there’s a hammock. Kids adore colorful nest hammocks. Choose one like this white hammock with a woven fringe for an elegant look (plus, some of the proceeds support street children in Brazil!).  Or, for the university student, a compact travel hammock is perfect.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?