Best Hammocks For the Home

Many people have started using hammocks in their homes as decorations and for comfort. Even when the cold and snow set in, people can enjoy relaxing indoors.

LSguitarA few reasons to bring your hammock inside include having a fun conservation piece, health benefits for yourself and your kids, and the ability to move it wherever you want. Incorporating a hammock into your space includes choosing the right one. Depending on which room you plan to use and its size, there are a few options to consider. From a family hammock to a kids hammock, you can choose from multiple colors and styles to reflect whatever decorating pallet you have in each room.
In the Playroom
It’s no secret that children love hammocks. More than likely, your little ones have wanted to jump in every time they see one. With a hanging nest, you can add a fun cocoon-shaped hammock to your kid’s play area. The Hanging Nest JOKI provides a gentle rocking movement creating a calming and soothing effect on children, which can promote more concentration while reading and writing.

You can also keep this little nest lower to the ground so that it’s easier for children to climb in and out of their hanging hammock, considering this hammock is suitable for kids ages 3 to 9. If you want to try adding a bright pop of color to your playroom, use the JOKI Sunny. If you’re wanting a softer color to complement a nursery, try out the super soft JOKI PLANET in koala.

In the Living Room
No matter what stage of life you’re in, there’s a perfect hammock to add to your living room.

College students may want to look at investing in a few hammock chairs. Not only can you choose from colorful and decorative ones, but you can even choose a lounger that enables you to kick back and hang out with your friends. Finding a tear-resistant hammock ensures you’ll always have a comfortable haven to come home to through your years at college.

Anyone can add a beautiful South American hammock that showcases the traditional Brazillian fringe to their living space—your friends may consider purchasing one for themselves once you add this comfortable conversation starter. If your family likes to enjoy the hammock together, try out one of these larger family hammocks so that more than one can enjoy it.

Create a Reading Nook
Sometimes our homes have some extra space or just a bookcase and reading spot close to a window. Adding a hammock to these areas to encourage a relaxing reading spot may be that extra touch your house needs. Hammock chairs work well here, but if you truly want to lay back and get lost in a book, you may consider a traditional South American style hammock or one with spreader bars.

Choosing a double-sized hammock will give you ample space to stretch out or curl up with your book and even take a power nap in a quiet space. The gentle rocking of a hammock doesn’t only affect children, but adults as well. Adding this and reading together creates a great space to unwind on your weekends and after work or school.

Adding a hammock can give your space a bohemian or modern feel depending on the style and color you choose. One of the appeals of bringing your hammock inside is not having to choose just one room to keep it in. It extremely easy to move compared to your other furnishings, so you can enjoy your hammock in any place and at any time.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?