A Brief Look at Hammocking Culture in South America

Going back 4,000 years, you’ll find the beginning of the hammock and its rich history in South American countries like Brazil, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Over years of evolving, the hammock has come to symbolize the very heart of South American culture. For many in South America, using their hammock is not only a daily routine but central to their culture. You can see South Americans’ love for its hammocks in their craft and design.LSSA

Quality hammocks
While many people think of spreader bar hammocks when they hear the word, South Americans pioneered the classic hammock. South American hammocks tend to not have any spreader bars—the user lies diagonally to enjoy its comfort. This continues to enable people to easily take their hammocks to different places like the picturesque beach you keep imagining.

Many craftsmen take pride in using only raw materials like the hammock’s creators did in the past. LA SIESTA uses organic cotton in many of their hammocks to ensure optimal comfort, sustainability and authenticity.

Relaxation and sleeping
A central aspect of South American culture is relaxation. This is why people from all over the world decide to vacation there—beautiful images of white sand beaches and blue water come to mind. Taking naps and using their hammocks daily is a common theme in South Americans’ lives.

Not only do hammocks provide a space to relax, they also have been used for sleeping for many centuries. South Americans seem to have been on to something way before the scientific community. With the rocking motion of hammocks and angle of a user’s neck, insomnia can be alleviated and provide deeper sleep. Not only do South Americans today sleep in hammocks every night, hospitals even use this cultural tool for newborn babies.

Beautiful design and color
One of the most visual aspects of hammock culture is their design and color. Since the inception of hammocks, the creators have been innovating their use and stitching patterns. For many, the vibrant colors signify the essence of their own South American culture. Some even use color to represent their country or favorite football team. South America is known for their beautifully colorful landscape, plants, and flowers, and the hammock brings these colors into one place as a celebration of the liveliness of South America.

The intricate design of hammocks encourages confidence in the quality and skill of the craftsmen or women. Being central to their culture, ensuring a strong yet comfortable product is important to the developers. With most people attributing the hammock to South America and enjoying the relaxation they bring, the colors and design are integral to bringing out what the culture of South America means.

Whether you visit Brazil, Columbia, or another country down south, you’ll find the people using their own hammocks daily and even some for sleep and travel. You may even find yourself enticed to partake in the hammock culture as a few may dot your nearest beach. Wherever you may visit, you’ll find you”ll want to bring home a piece of the culture, and the South American hammock is the perfect place to start.


By Brooke Allison 

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?