Bring Relaxation on Vacation: Best Hammocks for Traveling

Whether exploring tropical beaches in South East Asia, trekking the the forests of the rockies, or just camping at a local park, at some point you’ll want a place to kick your feet up and relax. With a light, packable travel hammock, you can carry comfort just about anywhere.LSv

Travel Light

There are plenty of options, from traditional cotton hammocks woven to rope, but the best hammocks for travel are made from light, durable, nylon. A single travel hammock is the lightest option at just 1.65 pounds, and will take up the least amount of space in your backpack or suitcase. At just over eight feet in length it’s plenty big for an afternoon nap or an overnight snooze.

Room for Two? 

Looking to stretch out a bit or cozy up with a special travel buddy? Try a double travel hammock. At almost ten feet long and six and a half feet wide, there’s ample room for two. Like the single travel hammock, the double model features durable nylon construction and a quick and easy integrated suspension system for safe and easy set up. All that extra space doesn’t mean a ton of extra weight. At just over two pounds, a double travel hammock certainly won’t break your back, but it will allow you to hang out and take a load off.

Stay Warm

Planning a trip through some chillier climes? Consider bringing along a padded travel hammock. Padded travel hammocks provide all the benefits of a normal travel hammock, combined with the advantages of a typical sleeping bag. Durable nylon construction and 100% polyester insulation make for a nice warm nest on chilly evenings. Unlike a normal sleeping bag, a padded travel hammock allows you to stay well above the cold ground, eliminating the need for a sleeping pad. And at just 3.3 pounds a padded travel hammock is a nice, light option for cool weather adventures.

All of these hammocks can be converted into picnic blankets in just a few easy steps, providing an enormous amount of versatility in a lightweight package. Just what a traveler needs!

Blend In With the Locals

Of course, if you’re traveling in Latin America and really want to fit in, consider a Mayan net style hammock or a classic Colombian cotton hammock. They might not be quite as easy to pack up, but can’t be beat for comfort and authenticity.

Regardless of your travel destination, there’s a travel hammock that’s right for you. Hammocks can accompany you anywhere, from tropical beaches to cool mountain forests, and everything in between. So pack up your hammock and enjoy life on the go! Or just kick up your feet and while away the afternoon, snoozing between two trees.


There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?