Colombia and LA SIESTA – Simply made for each other, part 1

Jugenheim/Germany, June 2013. Colombia is a country that is famous for its rich culture, zest for life, Caribbean colours and – last but not least – cotton.

Due to the hot and humid climate in most parts of the country, its cultivation has a long-standing tradition and many products of everyday life are made of cotton. With an excellent raw material like that at one’s fingertips, the development of a highly specialised textile industry was only a small step. A step Colombia took centuries ago.


The January cotton harvest in Valledupar, Cesar department / Colombia.
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Colombians love their hammocks, no matter how big they are. But you will always recognise them by their cheerful colours.
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With cotton as a raw material and looms in almost every household, the idea to create a bed that could be suspended and that provided necessary protection from snakes and insects came up very early along the way. This is where the success story of the Colombian hammock begins – and somehow also the story of LA SIESTA.


In the mid-nineties, Alexander Grisar, the founder of LA SIESTA, actively pursued his vision to create the perfect hammock. Barranquila Atlántico // Colombia
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In the mid-nineties, Alexander Grisar had the vision of creating the perfect hammock and his love for Colombia  – which was a country in crisis at the time – led him to look for a solution there. After meeting with potential partners from the hammock industry, he soon realised he had come to the right place: he met professionals who loved their work and were filled with pride when speaking about their colourful masterpieces. Their passionate enthusiasm was contagious and Alexander soon decided to just go for it. Together with his newfound supplier he then step by step created a cooperation that is not only unique in the hammock business but also in the textile industry as such. But more about that when we return to Colombia next time. Soon to be found here.

Happy hammocking!

Yours, Christina

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There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?