Colombia and LA SIESTA – Simply made for each other, part 2

Jugenheim, Germany, July 2013.  Welcome back to part 2 of the story about why Colombia and LA SIESTA are simply made for each other!

Uniting all steps of hammock production under one roof was and still remains the idea behind the co-operation Alexander Grisar created when starting up LA SIESTA in the mid-nineties. This concept, though it may seem old-fashioned to some in the textile industry, became the touchstone for all of LA SIESTA’s future endeavors, as it ensures products of unparalleled quality.

La Siesta-behind-the-scenes-8

But to term this manufacturing process old-fashioned couldn’t be further from the truth! As a matter of fact, up to this day our factory in Medellin is a place, where tradition goes hand in hand with industrial progress: Here you basically insert a ball of cotton directly from the cotton fields and it will be processed, spun, checked, woven with the most up-to-date machinery, checked, cut, endowed with cadejos by hand, and checked again right there until it leaves the hall at the other end as a beautiful hammock.


The factory employs hammock experts with years and years of experience who put their vast repertory of knowledge to a wonderful use while braiding the typical cadejos by hand, rolling our rollitos, or creating the suspension for the hammocks, which not only needs a lot of experience but also an enormous amount of strength.


Uriel, the head of the quality team, is one of those experts. He and his team will check the finished fabric for our colorful hammocks and hammock seats again and again, making sure not a single weaving mistake jeopardizes the quality of the finished product. Uriel takes enormous pride in his work and he has earned every right to do so. Without him and his team, our colorful hammocks Made in Colombia simply wouldn’t be the same.

Kolumbien Dezember 2010-195

It is pretty obvious that the co-workers at the Medellin factory love their work and we love the way, the factory and its co-workers go hand in hand. To compensate for the hard work the employees do, there are institutions like in-house sports activities to limber the tense muscles after a hard day of work, or a cafeteria, encouraging a collective, family-like experience even when on break.

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And that brings us to yet another chapter about Colombia and LA SIESTA: The final product of our wonderful cooperation, original Colombian hammocks. They will be the star of our final blog entry on our fabrication in Colombia, which you will find right here, very soon.

Happy hammocking, everyone!


There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?