Create the ultimate hang out with hammock chairs

Hammock chairs are uniquely wonderful. When you sit in one, you get to experience all of the peace and relaxation of a regular hammock while staying seated upright. And while a regular hammock uses horizontal space, a hammock chair uses vertical space, making it perfect for hanging in a tree. In this article, we’ll show you how to properly hang a hammock chair in a tree with as many friends as you’d like to bring along so that you can create the ultimate hang out.
Pick a tree
Before you can even think about hanging your hammock chairs, you have to pick a tree that will be up to the task. A tree that will support this kind of gathering has branches that are sturdy and begin emerging from the trunk relatively close to the ground—think the sturdiness of an Oak and the accessibility of a Magnolia. There are several trees that both meet these requirements and also happen to grow in a large number of areas—Maples, Pines, and Willows, just to name a few. Be sure to pick trees of this or a similar variety that are tall, have large trunks, and have aged well to ensure the sturdiness of its branches. Once you find one of these—or several within close proximity of each other—you can begin mapping your hang out.

Pick a branch
Picking branches that can support you and your friends is necessary for the safety of your hang out—remember, hammock chairs bear all of your weight from one hanging point. To pick a branch that will support your full weight, look for thick, upward-reaching branches close to the trunk of the tree that you picked—the upward reach of the branch not only shows that the tree is still alive and well (as it is growing toward the sunlight), it also gives you an angle that will effectively counter your weight, making for a stable hang. Be sure to also look for other signs that the branch is healthy—look for moist bark and, depending on the time of the year, healthy foliage. You’ll also want to find a branch with several sturdy branches nearby so that you have a safe way to get out of the chair when you’re done. Remember, you’ll have to make sure to pick a tree with plenty of strong branches for your hang out session, so look for trees with lots of these branches.

Start at the bottom
Generally speaking, a tree’s branches are stronger near the bottom of the trunk. It would only make sense, then, to begin hanging your hammock chairs at the bottom of the tree, where you can be sure the branches will support your endeavors. You can start by finding a space low on the tree that will fit the entire hammock chair from top to bottom with sufficient space beneath it—enough for the chair to sink a little bit and still have room to dangle your legs. We also recommend that the heavier people in your group use the bottom branches so as to choose the sturdiest branches and not damage the trunk.

Evenly disperse
Evenly dispersing your hammock chairs throughout the your tree is not only healthy for the tree itself—it also gives your hang out a desired appearance. Look for good hammock spots all around the tree so as to evenly disperse the weight you put on the trunk and to fill it with your hammock chairs and friends.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?