DIY: Hammock Outdoor Movie Night

If you’re looking for a unique way to use your backyard, you may consider hosting an outdoor movie night. You can plan the event with your family, friends, or for a fun birthday. Backyards offer a neat opportunity to set up your own experiences while spending time outdoors right outside of your home. For a fun movie night, add a hammock into the mix to watch the movie in comfort with your loved ones or friends.

Hang Your Hammock
Ideally, you’ll want to hang your hammock up in front of where you plan to watch the movie. Use some suspension straps or a hammock stand to set it up. If you’ve got a few hammocks, you can line them up or create a semi-circle around the movie screen to ensure everyone can see the screen. Using comfortable hammocks like the CURRAMBERA  or even a hammock chair will help you relax while enjoying a good movie.

Get the Right Equipment
You will want to decide what you plan on using to watch the movie and make arrangements to make sure you have the correct equipment for the night. You can roll out a TV and movie player or you can even check out a projector and screen from a local library. If you go with the latter option, you may need to look into getting a reservation.

If you already have a projector, you can always use a taut white sheet as the screen or the side of your house. Find a projector that you can connect your movie player to if needed.

Snacks and Refreshments
You can always get creative with the food and drinks for movie nights. You can offer anything from cute DIY movie trays full of popcorn and candy or provide a s’mores bar by having a fire built in the backyard. Food bars are always a big hit where people can personalize their snacks.

For some great ideas, try using Pinterest to find some food and drink ideas for a movie night. There are always plenty of easy-to-make ideas as well as ideas that will impress your guests.

Add Some Props
Everyone loves to snuggle up while watching a movie, so be sure to include some throw blankets and pillows in a few baskets outside. While you may not get to lounge in a hammock and get comfy with some soft blankets in a movie theater, you can in your own backyard.  You can also provide side tables beside each hammock so that you and your guests have a place to put your plates and drinks while watching the movie. You can also make the night look magical by adding some string lights up above. Using fun labels and colors helps bring the event all together with a theme, too. You can even match the theme to the movie you’re watching.

Now you just need to pick out the movie, hang up the hammock, and enjoy the night. Whatever you end up planning for your outdoor movie night will ensure an amazing memory for everyone involved.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?