Freestyle hammocking – LA SIESTA style

Jugenheim/Germany, June 2013. When Cornelius Grisar returned from his trip around the world, which would later supply the footage for our freestyle hammocking video, we grounded the COLIBRI man just for a little while to get some answers about his recent trip and the new LA SIESTA travel hammock range. Here’s what he had to say:


The first sequence of freestyle hammocking was taken in front of the cathedral of Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate/Germany.

How did the idea to travel the world with your hammock come up in the first place?

Ever since my parents started developing and marketing hammocks in the early 1990s, hammocks have been a basic ingredient to every family vacation we took. And when we finished the development of our new LA SIESTA travel hammock, I decided that it just had to go on a backpacker’s dream of a trip around the world.

Hammocking in Australia

By far the most relaxing moment during my hammock trip: Hammock barbecueing with my travel mate Kolja! There were no chairs around, but we had our hammock …  Queensland / Australia


Travel companion Max checking out this hammock spot in Itaewon district, Seoul/South Korea

Which moment on your journey was the most memorable one for you?

That’s a tough question to answer. During my trip I got to know 8 different countries and put up my hammock in countless places and situations. And that meant getting to know the world from a completely new perspective. But if I had to choose one single moment it would probably be the one on my first day to China when I put up my hammock on Nanjing Road in the city center of Shanghai. The many people passing by had probably never seen anything like this before. So they stopped, and within a couple of minutes, more than 100 spectators had gathered. They applauded us and cheered us on like we were street artists. What a very memorable way to start our journey into China!

Freestyle hammocking on Meru Island/Maldives

One of the most beautiful freestyle hammocking sceneries at the beach of Meru Island/Maldives

Freestyle hammocking in the Maldives

Suspending the hammock together with travel companion Joakim and our friends from the island. Cocoa Island/Maldives

Could you describe which view from your hammock turned out to be your favorite one?

On our last leg through Japan we took a break on an island off the coast of Tokyo called Daiba. I put up my hammock just when the sun was beginning to set. The sunset over the Tokyo skyline was a spectacular view I will never forget.

It seems you were quite adventurous choosing your hammock spots. Do you recall a moment that you would describe as hairy?

In the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park  we didn’t spot the security cameras and thought it was safe putting up our hammock at one of the temples there. As soon as we had finished suspending our COLIBRI, though, a police car screeched to a halt in front of us and four policemen got out, questioning us about what we were doing there. When we assured them we meant no harm they finally let us go, but they made sure we removed all pictures and videos from our camera. And even though those Japanese policemen were incredibly polite, that was a very uneasy moment.

Hammocking at Badaling

Travel companion Benjamin together with two Chinese tourists in front of the Great Wall, Badaling/China.

Which feature do you like best on your COLIBRI?

As the video shows, COLIBRI hammock is very easy to put up. With the integrated hook you can adjust the span of the hammock to almost any condition, a feature that is indispensable, especially when travelling. But the cool part is: If you don’t feel like putting up your hammock, you can use COLIBRI as a picnic blanket instead. And then there is the minimal weight of the parachute silk, which you might already know and appreciate from other travel hammocks. Oh, stop me! I could go on forever!

OK, stop! Thank you for your time, COLIBRI man!

 Happy hammocking everyone!


PS: You’d like to see the footage of Cornelius’ trip? Check out our freestyle hammocking video and our COLIBRI Pinterest album



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