Getting ready to rumble!

Jugenheim/Germany, June 2014. Things are definitely heating up in Fortaleza, only a few days until the 1° COPA LA SIESTA, our tournament with the students from the beach soccer academy Dito Escolinha.

While the Estádio Castelão is getting ready to be the venue for Brazil’s first big game against Mexico on June 17, the population of Fortaleza is preparing to cheer their national team on and turn the city into one giant party in the process. Using the incredible energy that the city is vibrating with, LA SIESTA and Dito Escolinha are doing their final steps to hold a perfect tournament for the students of Fortaleza’s beach soccer academy:

– The game schedule has been finalized. The age groups 8-10, 11-12, and 13-14 will compete on June 16, while the groups 15-16 and 17 -18 will have June 19 to show their skills. In each age group, four teams will be competing wearing the colors of Germany, Brazil, Japan, and Spain to find the winner of the respective age group. The tournaments on both days will commence around 4 PM and last 5 hours. After the final match, each winning team will receive a cup. Also, medals are being produced to hand out to all participating children and teenagers.

– The city beach Praia de Iracema is being beautified: Banners will be put up around the match ground. A food station for the competitors is set up. Nearby, a stage will provide a place for bands to perform while the tournament is being held.

With all these things going on, it is hard to find the time to relax in one of our World-Cup-themed COPA hammocks, but whenever we have a minute, we take a time-out to collect ourselves and start back into the preparations refreshed.

Get in the right mood now with our brand-new COPA video!

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COPA – Our tribute to Brazil and soccer


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