Incorporating A Hammock Into Home Décor

If you have previously considered hammocks an outdoor accessory, think again. A classic South American hammock is an ideal alternative to an indoor daybed, which may appear visually heavy in a limited interior. Synonymous with serenity, hammocks add a sense of peace and relaxation to home décor.LSprince

Hammocks Add A Blast Of Color

When working with a small space, a chic South American hammock does not take up as much space as a daybed, adding a touch of softness to the interior décor with understated elegance and a bit of brillIance to emphasize the color scheme of the room. Associated with romantic nights under the stars, warm tropical beaches, lavish gardens, and sunny terraces, classic South American hammocks make wonderful decorating accents that allow you to experiment with design ideas as you create an intimate and inviting room sparked with exotic charm.

Choosing A Hammock Location

When locating your hammock, think about whether you want to snooze in the sun or nap in the shade.  If you wish to hang your hammock indoors, choose a space that allows for maximum comfort while not taking up the majority of the room’s visual space. In order to incorporate a stylish hammock into your home décor, you need a minimum of 10 to 16 feet of space. A smaller space will result in the slope of the hammock being too steep for comfort.

Hammock Chairs – A Quiet Retreat

Located slightly off- center in the room, a comfy hammock chair can serve as a relaxing hideaway nook. Hanging chairs can be hung in the family room, den, or living room, and only require one suspension point. When selecting a hammock to enhance your living space, pay close attention to color, material, and quality workmanship. A modern, informal room is best suited to a hammock regardless of how innovative decorators successfully incorporate hammocks crafted from premium fabrics and exotic woods into formal settings.

Great For The Guest Rooms

Recent trends in unique decorating styles feature South American hammocks as surprising decorating statements in guest bedrooms, children’s rooms, home offices, or a covered porch, adding comfortable and fun resting places for entertaining or as additional sleeping accommodations for overnight guests. Hanging hammock beds, which are available in a diverse array of sizes, materials, fabric prints, and colors, add unique accent to modern interior design turning any room into an original and playful reflection of your personality.

Add A South American Hammock To Your Sunroom, Garden, Porch, or Balcony

Adding a South American hammock chair or hammock bed brings comfort to garden designs, beautifying backyard landscape. A colorful hammock bed looks fabulous on a freestanding frame, tucked within a grove of trees, or placed on a porch or balcony. A classic hammock is an ideal comfort and decorating compliment a festive outdoor décor. LA SIESTA offers a gorgeous wooden carousel stand for a striking grouping of four hammocks chair loungers, perfect for relaxation and intimate conversation.

Hanging Your Hammock

Hanging a hammock indoors is possible in many ways. Hammocks can be hung from two hooks mounted to concrete or plaster walls. Alternatively, you can hang your hammock the ceiling or strong beams.

Modern adjustable hammock frames, varying in materials and design, are made of innovative wood, metal and material combinations to enhance all your decorating projects. LA SIESTA South American hammocks feature a unique patented hanging system offered in three separate variations for home, trees and universal applications, allowing you to quickly hang your hammock or hammock chair and easily adjust it to the optimal height.

LA SIESTA hammocks, which feature premium craftsmanship and quality, offer restful and relaxing spots to unwind and enjoy natural surroundings and provide an attractive visual centerpiece and flair to most any décor. Hammocks are extremely versatile—you are only limited by your imagination.

By Marlene Affeld

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?