LA SIESTA: active in Colombia

Did you know that LA SIESTA is actively organizing a project in Colombia where it can be tested whether organic cotton can be cost-effectively cultivated there?

Seeds were sown a few days ago and the first seedlings have appeared.

La SIESTA: Organic Cotton for Colombia, first seeds

Alexander Grisar, founder of LA SIESTA, also founded the initiative SOCiLA (Support Organic Cotton in Latin America) and started up co-operations in Latin America in order to promote the cultivation of organic cotton.


These pictures show some of the activities of Alexander in Colombia and their impressions: In the countryside and in discussions with farmers, manufacturers, laboratories, his initiative at international conventions and discussions with senior government officials. He was even able to meet Colombia’s head of state, Juan Manuel Santos, at an event in Berlin

The project, “Organic Cotton for Colombia” originated from this non-profit oriented organization. Locally, it is known as “PLAOC”. Four farmers or farming groups were commissioned to cultivate organic cotton on their fincas in Departamento Tolima. All costs for cultivation and consultation were paid for by LA SIESTA.

La SIESTA: Organic Cotton for Colombia, Team

Pictured here (from left to right) are Alexander Grisar, Hector Fabio Liberos, professor at the University of Tolima, Carlos Brigard, owner of the finca and the organic agricultural heart of the project, and Alberto Caro, agricultural engineer, former president of the Colombian agricultural-engineer association ACIA and local coordinator of the project.

The finca, “LA Rochela” is in preparation. The ground needs to be aerated with the cultivation of legumes, enriched with nitrogen and fertilized. If you are wondering what Carlos is holding in his left hand, it is a pipe to measure the soil loosening depth.

La SIESTA: Organic Cotton for Colombia, cotton field

The successful test run of the newly constructed irrigation system on the “El Balso” finca.

It is a long journey to where you can relax in a hammock from this cotton.

  • Will the plants continue to thrive?
  • What effects will the weather have on growth?
  • What will the crops yield?
  • Which quality will the cotton have?
  • Will everything work out in production?

There are many questions and we hope to have many positive answers soon!


La SIESTA: Organic Cotton for Colombia, Team in Jugenheim

At Alexander’s departure for Colombia, where he will continue working on the project, the entire LA SIESTA team bids farewell with best wishes and the new signs for the project.

We are all awaiting anxiously for the pictures -with the project signs- that he brings back from Colombia.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?