LA SIESTA rocks the cup!

Jugenheim/Germany, April 2014. Carried by the Brazilian groove and our German passion for soccer, we have created a World-Cup-themed hammock with a mission.


COPA (Portuguese for cup) is a wonderfully colorful hammock made of organic cotton. Its decorative fringes – a typical trademark of hammocks made in Brazil– make it an eye-catcher, and its diagonally flexible fabric makes sure you will be relaxing in no time, be it after watching a game or getting home from work. By producing COPA in Brazil, we are able to support the centuries old hammock tradition in the country that is facing fierce competition from the Far East.


And we don’t stop there! LA SIESTA will also donate 5 € out of every sold COPA hammock to Tor zur Hoffnung e. V., a Germany-based club supporting the Brazilian Beach Soccer Academy Dito Escolinha, which aims at getting kids living in the Favelas of Fortaleza, Brazil off the streets and into a beach soccer jersey. Dito’s academy is a brave project fighting the effects of the Brazilian underbelly, trying to offer children and teenagers of his hometown a fair chance to a better future.


Inspired by Dito and his passion we decided to also hold the beach soccer tournament 1° COPA LA SIESTA, right there in Fortaleza on June 16th and 18th, while the Soccer World Cup is taking place only minutes away. In the 1° COPA LA SIESTA, Dito’s players will compete in four different national colors, giving us the opportunity to put Dito’s project on the map, thus creating some attention for the people living on the less shiny side of the Brazilian coin that is 2014.

You are hooked? Then help us create a better future for the children of Fortaleza by taking the COPA home with you! Find the soccer-themed variations of our hammock here and stay tuned for more news on the COPA hammock, Dito Escolinha, and the 1° COPA LA SIESTA, in the coming weeks!

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?