How to Maintain a Patio Hammock

Get a patio hammock and you’ll have the most popular yard on the block. What could be better than having your own, personal space to read, nap, or just enjoy a beautiful day? A colorful South American hammock adds flare to you patio decor. Alternatively, a hammock with spreader bars allows for easy, around-the-clock comfort  Arm yourself with a little knowledge that will go a long way in ensuring that your hammock stays with you for years to come.

For Day Use Only
Unless you plan on sleeping under the stars, it’s best to take your hammock down and store it indoors overnight. The moisture in the night air as well as morning dew can cause the cotton in your hammock to become damp, which isn’t a great thing. By getting into the habit of bringing your hammock inside at the end of each day, you’ll help prolong its life and keep it in top shape. That being said, don’t worry too much if you forget every now and then. If you should find yourself with a damp hammock, simply let it air dry.

Keep it Off the Ground
As with any natural fibre, cotton can become worn and damaged if exposed to abrasive surfaces. When hanging your patio hammock, you need to ensure that there is sufficient clearance between the hammock and the ground to avoid any sort of friction. While it’s tempting to hang it low to allow for easy access, you don’t want to cause damage by allowing the hammock to rub against the ground while swinging.

Consider the Season
Unlike some patio furniture that can be covered up during the colder months and left outdoors, hammocks need to be brought inside as the temperature drops. At the end of the summer, give your hammock a deep clean and ensure that it is completely dry. Then, pack it up and store it in an impermeable container (heavy-duty plastic bins are a great option) to keep it safe from moisture, mold, or curious critters.

Try HamacTex®
If the idea of packing and unpacking your hammock on a daily basis doesn’t appeal to you, it might be worth considering using a HamacTex® hammock. Weatherproof, quick-drying, and just as comfortable as the cotton hammock you’ve grown used to, this polypropylene-based fibre is the perfect option for hammock fans who prefer to leave their products outside all season long. Because the fabric is UV-resistant, you don’t have to worry about the brilliant colors fading, and the soft touch fabric feels amazing against your skin.

Preventative Maintenance
Make a habit of regularly checking all the components of your patio hammock for signs of wear and tear. Spot treat any dirty areas and, if necessary, wash the hammock as a whole. If you have wood spreader bars, regularly condition the wood with oil to keep it from drying out. Check the ropes to ensure that the ends are in good shape as well.  By keeping your hammock in tip top condition, you’re extending its life and ensuring that it will provide you with years of cozy, comfortable service.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?