How Many Can Hang? What Hammock Sizes Really Mean

If you’re in the market for a hammock, you may be wondering which size you should buy. A common misconception among novice hammock consumers is that the size of the hammock refers to the number of people that can hang. While certain hammocks can be shared, the reality is that larger hammocks generally allow more comfort to the individual user. The wider the hammock, the easier it is for the user to stretch into that perfect diagonal lying position. Let’s look at what what hammock sizes really mean. LShang

Whether you’re buying a traditional cotton hammock, one with the comfortable Hamactex or weatherproof material, or a travel hammock, you’ll have the option to buy one of the many sizes LA SIESTA has to offer.

Single Hammocks
The single hammock is offered in traditional cotton, organic cotton, Hamactex®, and travel hammock (nylon) material. With the name giving you a clue as to how many can hang, this hammock is perfect for one person to enjoy. Optimal hanging is done while lying diagonally. Single hammocks are space-saving and weigh less than their double-size counterpart.

Double Hammocks
While the name may imply a bigger size, double hammocks don’t necessarily double in size. You’ll see around a 15% increase in either the width or length of the cloth when picking the larger size, allowing more space to stretch your legs. Again, you can find these in organic cotton, traditional cotton, Hamactex®, and travel hammock material.

You will see some weight differences in the traditional cotton or Hamactex® hammocks. Most double hammocks hold 40 kg (or 90 obs) more weight than their single counterparts — 160 kg in total. However, travel hammocks hold the same weight no matter the size.

Double hammocks offer plenty of extra space if you’re using it solo and are more comfortable for single use than the single hammock. While it can hold up to two people, it may take you a few tries to find the most comfortable hang.

Family Hammocks
Here comes your largest option. For one person, the family hammock creates a large comfortable space to stretch out in. This hammock is only offered in traditional cotton, organic cotton, and Hamactex® material.

If more than one person wants to hang, the family hammock offers the most space and a more comfortable hang out of the three options. Holding up to 200 kg or 440 lbs, this hammock can certainly accommodate more than one hanger — but is so comfortable that you might not want to share. Think of family hammocks like you would a “family sized” snack pack or candy bar — it’s big enough to share, but way more fun to enjoy by yourself.

With these three options in hammocks, you can start looking at which option works best for you. The bigger the hammock, the more comfortable you will be, both on your own and with a pal — but each hammock has its own unique advantages and trade offs.

Whatever choice you pick, you’ll be able to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a hammock after a long day and even create your own oasis.


There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?