What Materials Should Your Next Hammock Have?

Have you every been caught in a rainstorm without the proper equipment or wrapped up in a less than magnificent blanket while trying to snuggle up indoors? Well, similar situations can happen while hanging out in your hammock.

While plenty of first-time hammock buyers have an idea of the kind of hammock they want, they may not have all of the information needed to make that first purchase. One important factor is the material of the hammock, which is affected by the preferences of the owner as well as where the hammock will be used. LA SIESTA uses a multitude of different fabrics and materials that can change how you hang.

For the interior decorator
A beautifully crafted cotton or organic cotton hammock can add a signature piece to any home. Not only are they soft and comfortable, but they add a touch of color and elegance to every room. If you love a Bohemian style, you may find yourself attracted to more decorative hammocks.

With an innate attention to detail, you’ll find hammocks with traditional fringe and macrame´ trim full of character like the COPA double hammock. It’s organic cotton fabric also is a benefit by being an eco-friendly and comfortable home decoration. If you enjoy a less adorned hammock, the traditional South American hammock like the CAROLINA double hammock does just the trick with pure cotton fabric and traditional handmade plaits to offer a decorative touch and support. Cotton hammock chairs are also a comfortable alternative to indoor furniture in your living room, office or even bedroom.

For the outdoor enthusiast
A day on the beach or a trail in the woods is a typical day for this kind of hammock owner. Being outdoors is a part of life for you and your hammock needs to echo that. With many different weather-proof hammocks, finding the right match is easy.

The avid hiker may enjoy a traditional travel hammock or even the padded travel hammock for quick naps or camping. Being made of parachute silk, these hammocks enjoy being ultralight and fast-drying, which are perfect for outdoor adventures.

For the garden entertainer
When your backyard is your oasis, a hammock can help you enjoy the atmosphere. For a place all to yourself or for guests to enjoy during outdoor parties, a weather-proof hammock can come in handy. With a little more decoration than the travel hammock, South American hammocks can match your backyard’s bright colors.

Using hammocks made with the HamacTex® fabric so that they withstand any rain showers or morning dew is a great option for beautifying your backyard.  Whether you choose classic hammock or hammock chair, you can find different choices to match your preferences. A unique style made with this fabric is the spreader bar hammock. This hammock incorporates spreader bars for great weatherproof support but also a dash of design.

While these hammocks can be used interchangeably in different settings, you may find yourself drawn to one based on the comfort of the material or design of the fabric. Which one of these will you choose to find your hang?



There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?