What’s the Best Hammock for My Backyard?

With so many options for hammocks, which one do you choose? Each hammock has its own personality, much like us. But which deserves a spot in your backyard?

When looking for the perfect match, consider what each hammock offers and which best fits your own needs.  Using this guide, you can meet your match and enjoy your own backyard LA SIESTA hammock.

Classic Hammock
La Siesta Hammock Styles_SA

Our Classic hammocks are made of cottonHamacTex®, a weatherproof fabric made out of Polypropylene, or organic cotton and are tear proof. This type of hammock is the most comfortable, so if you have room (it takes less room than a spreader bar hammock), a Classic hammock is the way to go.

Our Classic hammocks made out of HamacTex are okay to leave outside permanently (although you should take it in during the winter and when not using it).

The one issue Classic hammocks can have is that to be as comfortable as possible, you need to know how to lie correctly. But assuming you lie correctly, Classic hammocks are the king of comfort. And if you have room, the bigger size you buy, the more comfortable the hammock will be.

Spreader Bar Hammock
La Siesta Hammock Styles_Spreader

A Spreader Bar hammock is most likely what you already think of when you imagine a backyard hammock. Spreader Bar hammocks have fabric suspended between two spreader bars. All LA SIESTA’s Spreader Bar hammocks are made of HamacTex®. The Alabama is padded for more comfort, with the nice nice side effect that it keeps you warm when it gets cool.

A Spreader Bar hammock is visually appealing. It’s impressive furniture, since it is already the hammock people expect to see in a backyard, and can look especially luxurious when paired with a stand.

One disadvantage of a Spreader Bar hammock is that it can be flipped over easier than other hammocks, and is not as comfortable as a Classic hammock.

Hammock Chair

A Hammock Chair is similar to a traditional hammock, but is suspended from a single point instead of two points. Our Hammock Chairs are made of cottonHamacTex®, or organic cotton and, just like Classic hammocks, are tear proof.

Hammock Chairs are great for sitting and talking and take up less space than conventional hammocks because they only need one point of suspension. Hammock Chairs are more social because you sit, not lie, in them.

However, finding a load bearing branch may be more difficult than finding two well placed tree trunks in your backyard. This can be remedied by getting a hammock chair stand.


There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?