Naptime – hammock time!

Jugenheim/Germany, July 2013. Greetings, sleepers in the hammck! Close your eyes. No, in fact, don’t. Do you know the soothing feeling of being cradled in someone’s arms and being softly rocked? That inexplicable surge of well-being that the sheer movement is able to provide? It is exactly this feeling that fuels us hammock enthusiasts at LA SIESTA in our daily work and that makes us want to improve your hammock experience every day.

Scientifically proven, sleeping in a hammock provides outstanding sleep.

So we were very excited to find out that there finally is a plausible scientific explanation as to why swinging and rocking is so inextricably connected to feeling comfortable and, as a matter of fact, to falling asleep: The human brain is a very interesting and highly complex piece of matter that even by today’s scientists is only understood in parts. Many functions of the centre of our consciousness remain a mystery to modern science. And yet, a group of Swiss scientists around neuroscientist Sophie Schwartz at the Sleep and Cognition Neuroimaging Laboratory at the University of Geneva recently discovered that there seems to be a connection between soft swinging motions and a synchronising action in the brain that intensifies our impulse to fall deeply asleep.

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By developing a kind of bed that softly swung and asking several healthy sleepers to partake in “scientific napping”, the team of researchers was even able to show that maintaining the swinging motion past the onset of sleep led to a deeper stage of sleeping much sooner than sleeping without continuous motion.

And even though the highly complicated and largely unknown processes taking place in our brains while we sleep still remain to be understood, one thing seems clear: sleeping in a softly swinging hammock might be the best method yet to incite deep, restful relaxation and sleep.

Maybe this study also explains why even fussy babies are susceptible to being cradled and exposed to the soothing motion that hammocks provide when nothing else seems to be able to calm them down. Sleeping snugly in one of our YAYITA baby hammocks, soon nothing else seems to matter. And while you are at it, why not discover the vast variety of sleep helpers we have in store for you today on

Good nigh… hammocking, everyone!


PS: For all of you who would like to read Ms. Schwartz’ study, click here

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