A reason to celebrate: LA SIESTA now GOTS certified!

Jugenheim/Germany, October 2014. The GOTS certification of our Colombian hammocks made of organic cotton was a good reason to celebrate. Which is why we, together with our Colombian production partner, organized the FIESTA GOTS in Medellín. The event brought all co-operation partners even closer together: Colombian co-workers, the CEO’s, as well as a number of stakeholders …

Our certification according to the GOTS is more than just a piece of fabric attached to a product. It marks a milestone and is a wonderful reward for our commitment to introducing organic cotton to Latin America: It is a milestone that tells us, that it is possible to successfully continue on the road we have taken. And it is a signal to all who care about the ecological and socially responsible production of textiles.

Gratulieren sich stolz zu ihren GOTS-Zertifikaten: LA SIESTA und Fatelares.

Proudly congratulating each other on their GOTS certifications: LA SIESTA and Fatelares. In this picture: Cornelius and Alexander Grisar, Carlos Manuel Gonzáles, and Juan Rafael Arango.

Aside from the celebrations surrounding the award ceremony, we also talked about possible future scenarios concerning an increase of sustainability in the production and marketing of hammocks with our partners. Journalist Markus Kohler summarized some of his impressions from his journey to the FIESTA GOTS in a wonderful article published in the Swiss magazine Coopzeitung.


In this picture: Members of the Fatelares management, Alexander Grisar from SOCiLA, journalist Markus Kohler of the COOP newspaper, Cornelius Grisar from LA SIESTA, as well as Petra and Jirka from our Czech distributor.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading certification system for the sustainable production of textiles. It is globally recognized, as it defines strict ecological and social guidelines that have to be met through all stages of the production, in order to qualify. Thus, the LA SIESTA Colombian hammocks made of organic cotton meet internationally accepted criteria, whose truthfulness is confirmed by the GOTS seal.

Announcement at the hammock production site for all who did not know what GOTS meant.

After his retirement from the LA SIESTA managament, company founder Alexander Grisar strongly promotes the cultivation of organic cotton in Latin America. Checking the first batch of organic cotton from Colombia was major sense of achievement for him, as it originated from a project that was initiated by him.


Putting emphasis on organic cotton: Plant manager Carlos Manuel González and Alexander Grisar.

Further Impressions:

Special highlight:

The cheerful atmosphere at our Colombian hammock production site can be seen and felt in the following video clip. The song “Alegría con La Siesta” tells the story about loving Colombian hammocks by LA SIESTA. It was written and performed by Estación Caribe, a band hailing from one of Medellín’s slums, Moravia.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?