When to Replace Your Hammock or Hammock Chair

We all wish our hammocks were capable of being lifelong companions. We clean them, we snuggle with them and we tend to grow attached pretty quickly. The truth is, there will come a day when it’s time to untie your hammock for the last time and lay it to rest. If you’re having trouble convincing yourself to let go, here are some signs that it might be time to find something new.

Too much wear and tear
After a few good years of consistent use your hammock is likely to develop some rough patches. While simple wear and tear is normal, what’s not normal is hanging out with your bum sticking out of a huge hole. A small tear isn’t a huge problem, and easy to patch, but you’ll eventually reach a point where your holes are too big to mend. If you can fit your fist through it, that’s a good sign that your hammock has seen its last days. Upgrade to a new model with tear proof selvage to ensure that it’ll last a long time.

It has mold
If you’ve developed a habit of hanging your hammock out in the backyard, or even taking it on camping trips, there’s a good chance it’s been the victim of an unexpected rainstorm. Usually the simple solution is to dry it out as quickly as you can, but if it’s left to hang and untreated for too long your hammock can develop mold and other nasty problems. A moldy hammock is no longer safe to hang on and can be a pain to treat, often making replacement a better option. Of course, you can combat this problem by purchasing a hammock made with HamacTex® artificial fibre that’s both water-repellant and UV-resistant.

It’s no longer safe to hang
Once you’ve hung your hammock a few hundred times all that weight is going to weaken the ropes used to suspend it. Worn ropes are incredibly dangerous and could cause you or a loved one to fall in the middle of the night, leading to serious injuries. Always check your ropes for wear and tear and replace any that are frayed or torn. This is also a great opportunity to replace your hammock entirely, as that tends to be easier for some people.

Your situation has changed
By situation, we mean living and dating. Once you find yourself in a relationship or with a family you’re going to have different needs. Nobody wants to hang out alone when you could snuggle with a lover, right? If you need more space, ditch that single-person hammock for something bigger, like a double hammock or even a family hammock with plenty of room for two. Of course, you can always just upgrade to a larger hammock when you find yourself in need of more room for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little extra space.

It doesn’t fit the décor
A lot of people are replacing traditional furniture with hammocks, thanks to their chic design and diverse uses. If you’re the type of person who has a hammock chair hanging where a recliner or couch would normally be, that’s great! There are plenty of options that go well indoors, but eventually you’re probably going to want to spice things up a bit. If you find your old hammock no longer fits with your new design style, that’s a great opportunity to buy a new one!

It broke
Not every hammock is built equally, and some are just downright shoddy when it comes to their construction. If your suspension, ropes or fiber seem to be sub-par or have straight up broken at one point or another you should seriously consider investing in something more durable. LA SIESTA hammocks stand up to the toughest tests and are made by doubling the weft threads to prevent tears and adding extra suspension cords to help withstand added weight.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?