Seven Tips for Using Hammocks in the Winter

Who says when the temperatures drop you have to pack the hammock away? Not us, that’s for sure! When the snow starts falling, you just have to become a little more creative in how you use your hammock.

Here are some tips on how to “winterize” your next hammock adventure.


Use Your Surroundings
Typically you should place your hammock in the spot where you’ll receive the most sunshine, but during the winter this might not be the wisest move. Instead, search for a spot that’s surrounded by trees and other natural shelter. It’ll provide a buffer from the breeze and help keep you a tad warmer (this is especially handy if you use your hammock for camping in the woods).

Add an Under Pad/Quilt
Adding extra padding is a great way to increase the warmth of your hammock. Under pads are often made with material that reflect body heat. A quilt, on the other hand, simply provides you with an added layer to help keep the frost at bay. Some hammocks even come with a built-in pad for extra comfort, so you’ve already got one extra layer right there!

Bring a Tarp
Tarps have many wonderful uses, and one of them is providing shelter in a pinch. If you have one that’s big enough, you can create a makeshift tent to throw over your already strung hammock. Like trees, it’ll provide a buffer from the cooler temperatures and also keep birds from pooping on you while you sleep. Double win.

Inspect Your Trees
Choosing the right tree is always essential when hanging a hammock, but even more so during the winter. Ice and snow can damage the integrity of a tree—you don’t want to hang your hammock on a trunk that’s been compromised. There’s nothing like waking up and finding a pine tree on top of you – if you wake up from that at all.

Buy a Sleeping Bag
There are such things as hammock-compatible sleeping bags—we highly recommend them in the winter. Heck, they’re even great during the summer months if the air is getting a little crispy. You can even find a few that wrap around the hammock and your body so you don’t have to worry about sliding off in the middle of the night.

Bring Warmth With You
Staying warm, rather than comfortable, should always be your biggest concern when winter camping or even just hanging out at the beach during the cooler months. Bring some hand warmers with you and shove them down by your toes. Extra layers of clothing while you sleep is also an option, some of which should be thermal.

Hang Your Hammock Inside
Yep, we said it. Go ahead and hang that hammock in your living room. It’s probably more comfortable than your couch anyway, and who wants to go a whole season without the feeling of lying above the ground? Suspension sets make hanging out inside easy and harmless on your home. There really aren’t any lengths you shouldn’t go to in order to get your hammock fix, and we certainly won’t judge.



There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?