Jugenheim, Germany, July 2013. Greetings, hammock connoisseurs!

Did you know that by enjoying your hammock or hammock chair made of organic cotton from the LA SIESTA range you actively promote the expansion of the cultivation of organic cotton in Latin America?


When LA SIESTA founder Alexander Grisar decided to introduce hammocks and hammock chairs made of organic cotton in the late 2000s he was flabbergasted: Colombia, the country he had chosen for the manufacturing process, could not provide the organic cotton he needed, simply because it was not cultivated there. To solve this dilemma and still be able to have his products produced in Colombia he had to ship organic cotton there.


As Alexander grew up in Chile, this went against every bit of his Latin American pride. The situation actually irked him so much that he decided to found a non-profit organisation named SOCiLA to promote the cultivation and processing of organic cotton in Latin America when he retired from LA SIESTA.

Since then, SOCiLA has been active in Peru, Brazil and Colombia, promoting awareness for the advantages of organic cotton cultivation among local governments, textile enterprises and farming communities. SOCiLA’s main focus remains on Colombia, though. Here it sets up its pilot initiatives and projects.Nicht für Film

You would like to find out more about this interesting endeavour that Alexander Grisar started? Then kick back in your LA SIESTA hammock made of organic cotton, turn on your laptop or tablet and follow this link to check out the exciting activities SOCiLA is pursuing:

Happy hammocking, everyone!


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