How to Stack Hammocks and How to Climb into a Hammock Upside Down

A new trend has emerged in the world of hammocks. As the travel hammock became more popular, people started experimenting with how to hang them. One way that emerged from this was stacking the hammocks so that there would be multiple hammocks hanging in a column from two trees. Setting up these hammocks isn’t nearly as hard as it looks.

Y can actually make it to the top of the column by learning how to climb into a hammock upside down into each hammock. You may think you need to be an acrobat, but with some balance and being OK with heights, you can easily be king of the hammocks. With the right travel hammock and suspension straps, you can follow these steps to create your own stacked hangout.

Step 1
Start by finding two trees that can withstand the weight of a few hammocks and is the correct distance apart. You want to make sure the trees will do well with single or double travel hammocks and that your suspension straps can reach the distance.

Step 2
Unpack your hammocks and attach their suspension systems. Hang the first one where you’d like it to be once they are all stacked. After that, suspend each one above the next with a little less slack. As you move each one up in the next step, they’ll lose a little bit of slack in their straps.

Step 3
start pushing the highest hammock up the tree by looping the stick or pole under the suspension strap with either a pole or stick [you can probably find one of these if you are hiking or camping]. By moving each side up gradually, you can move the first hammock up to where you want it. Continue this step with each hammock.

It’s important to get the hammock in the right place with the pole or stick. You want to avoid having to move the suspension straps by hand once you are in the hammock so that you don’t have to stand up and put too much pressure in one spot.

Step 4
Congratulations! Your hammocks are now stacked. Now comes the fun part of rolling up into each one and reaching your desired hammock. Going in the order of highest to lowest hammocks, each person will climb in and move up the hammocks until they reach the last open hammock.

Step 5
The first person to climb up will get into the first hammock normally. After that, roll over so that you are sitting on your knees in the hammock. Grab the one above you and, while staying on your knees, push your back up into the hammock above you. Begin to bring one foot up into the higher hammock so that the fabric closes in around it.

Step 6
While moving your second foot up into the hammock, start to roll your body so that you turn to face the next hammock above you. Continue rolling into each hammock above you until you reach the tallest one or the next one that is empty. After each individual makes it to the highest hammock possible, the next person can begin their ascent.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?