The Best Hammock Hangs for College Students

Between exams, endless studying, and the never ending go-go mentality of college, hammocks can provide a wonderful retreat to the overwhelmed college student. With the right opportunities in a student’s schedule, hammocking can facilitate some much-needed downtime in between classes or events.LSjbu

College quads and parks make hammocking easier than ever. With suspension sets or hammock stands, you can find a place in wooded areas, or even make your rental house a place of refuge.

On the Quad or Park Hammocks
Find two trees and get some sun in your hammock on a nice day. Lounging in a single South American hammock enables you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably from a high-quality cotton cocoon. Hitting the park with your friends? No problem. A double hammock can provide ample space for a party of two.

Be sure to check with your university policies about suspending anything from trees as they may be protected. Finding free-standing poles or hammock stands can offer the same opportunity.

Patio Hammocks
A great rental home can include porches, patios, and yards. By using hammock stands or suspension sets, you can have your own oasis right outside your door.

A spreader-bar hammock offers a great opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space with a friend as well. The weatherproof material is an added bonus for the outdoors.

Indoor Hammocks
Add a little personalization to your space. College is the time to kick back and hang out with your friends. Whether you add a decorative family hammock to your living room or a hammock chair to your dorm, you’ll have a peaceful spot in your home to decompress after a hard test or long day.

Traveling with Your Hammock
Some of the best trips you’ll ever take will be in your college years. A travel hammock is an ideal addition for when you’re hiking, visiting some waterfalls, or soaking up some sun at the beach. If you want a little extra comfort, try out a padded travel hammock.

Date Hammocks
Add some candlelight or lighting for ambiance and find a nice place to set up for a truly memorable date. Any kind of double hammock will do. Hammocks create the perfect vantage point to look at the stars. Who doesn’t want to have a reason to snuggle up to their sweetheart and secretly make all of their friends jealous?

Study Hammocks
If you’ve got some reading to catch up on, you might as well do it in a hammock. A hammock chair lounger offers you the opportunity to stretch out or sit up. If you have a hard time studying while laying down, a chair may be best for you. Another option is studying in a classic hammock with a pillow to offer some head and neck support while you’re learning some new material.

Thinking about how you’ll use your hammock can help guide you to the right pick. Wherever you’re hanging out, there’s never a better time to have a hammock than in college. With all of the adventures and great spaces you’re exposed to, owning a hammock will only enrich your experience.

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?