The Best Hammocks for Families

As more technology comes on the scene, creating intentional family time is becoming increasingly important. Incorporating hammocks with their health benefits into your family activities is an excellent idea.LSfam

Hammocks give you the excuse to go outside. In a recent study, children with ADHD who spent time in “green spaces” showed a decrease in symptoms while outside. Being outside in general also helps everyone’s stress levels and can promote a relaxing family day. Whether inside or outside, hammocks can help alleviate stress and make focusing on the moment easier with their gentle rocking motion.

Whether inside or outside, hammocks are not only fun but good for you and your family’s health. In this world of technology, finding time to unplug with your family is truly valuable.

Everyday Families
For those who enjoy spending time in their backyards or homes, family-sized hammocks can provide a great space to collectively hang out. Finding a resilient hammock might be necessary if your children love to jump and move or if you know that you’ll be using the hammock quite a bit. A Mayan Net family hammock may do just the trick to keep up with an active family.

Adventurous Families
If you plan on taking your hammock outside the home, you may want to look at the possibility of a travel hammock. Getting a few of these is a wonderful choice for families who enjoy hiking, picnicking, or spending time by the water. Travel hammocks add much-needed versatility to an adventurous family with their fast-drying material and easily packable style.

Adding some color with a South American hammock can work as well. These are ideal for vacations and retreats where you can pack them with the rest of your things to bring along. A double Carolina hammock uses durable fabric and can be used by two people.

Kids Hammocks
Not only can you get family hammocks, but you can also get hammocks tailored specifically for kids. With fun fabrics to soft, pretty ones, you can find the right style and color for whatever room or outdoor use you plan. Getting a child their first hammock will no doubt instill in them a love for hammocking.

Quality Time
Using hammocks to make your family time fun and unique or even encouraging your children to spend a little more time outside create special memories that your children will be able to look back on. A few ways to incorporate quality time are reading a book with your child, hanging out while dinner is cooking, or putting one out by the pool. Hammocks also can create a neat tradition for vacations when they are always brought along.

Establishing time to relax with your family outside of the daily hustle and bustle allows you to bond and de-stress together. It can be fun for the whole family and is also a great respite for spouses after young children have been put to bed. There are numerous ways to add hammocks into your family time, and finding the best style and fit for your family is only the first step to creating lasting memories.


There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?