The Best Spots to Hang Your Hammock Chair

In case you haven’t yet discovered the wonders of the hammock chair, let us enlighten you. These nifty contraptions offer you all the comfort and convenience of a regular hammock, except that you can actually sit in them instead of lying down. They provide a great alternative to the static deck chair or uncomfortable wooden porch swing.LS8

But where the heck do you hang them?

On your deck
The obvious answer is on your deck or porch. Like we said, they’re great alternatives to the common porch swing or chair. You can hang them on an overhead beam if you have an enclosed porch or set up a hammock chair stand and put one anyplace you’d like! You can even hang multiples for when you have friends over for a BBQ. They’re easy to set up and take down so they won’t have to take up room when they’re not in use.

In the yard
Sometimes it’s nice to sit out in the yard and catch some rays, or maybe you just want to be closer to the kids while they’re horsing around in the sandbox. A hammock chair works well in both situations. They’re easy to hang from a tree branch, providing much needed shade, and will put you up close to the action while keeping your feet off the ground.

On the beach
Yep, you can even take the hammock chair to the beach. The truth is some people want the convenience of being able to hang up above the sand rather than on it, but might not want to spend their time lying down. You can’t see all the fun with your face pointed toward the sky, right? The hammock chair lets you hang beneath your favorite palm tree and take in the sunset in comfort and style.

The kids’ bedroom (or yours)
Hammock chairs are fun and favorites among kids. You can swing around in them and children love to be able to snuggle in for a good reading session or in front of their favorite video game. They’re great ways to liven up a kid’s bedroom and add a little character. Hey, we wouldn’t blame you if you put one in your own room, too. Right by the window sounds like a good spot.

The balcony
If you’re not too keen on having your hammock chair hanging in the bedroom, why not have it overlooking your yard instead? Move it out to the balcony where you can enjoy the breeze and watch the little ones playing the yard, or just spend your time lording your awesomeness over your neighbors. It’s a great way to make them jealous.

The garden
What better place to rest than in a garden surrounded by azaleas? Hammock chairs come in a variety of colors that’ll match your garden’s design while also helping it to stand out from the neighbors’. Plus, it’s practical. Once you’re exhausted from planting flowers and pulling weeds you can simply hop in your chair for a break instead of trudging all the way back into the house toward your bed.

The garage
Guys, this one is for you. Sometimes when you’re out there getting your hands dirty or building a new shelf, you’d like to take a break from working so hard. A hammock chair hangs easily from the ceiling in your garage and doesn’t take room away from your tools. Grab yourself a beer and plop on down while you watch the game, because every garage should also have a TV. There are even specially designed hammock chair loungers that work for both sitting and lying, in case you want to take a nap away from the kids.

The game room
Why buy expensive couches for when your bros come over to engage in an epic round of Call of Duty when you can just string up a few hammock chairs, instead? Hang ‘em in a circle facing your TV and you’re all set. You have your own personal space and won’t have to sit cheek-to-cheek with buddy who’s great at shooting things, but not so swell at taking daily showers.

The living room
Of course, the greatest place of all to put your hammock chair is right where everyone is sure to see it: the living room. It works as a makeshift chair when you have guests over or just a comfy alternative to more expensive furniture. You can easily hang it from the ceiling and take it down once everyone is gone or, heck, just keep it up all year long.

What other spots have you found to hang your hammock chair? Let us know down below!

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?