The Hummingbird Challenge – COLIBRI

Jugenheim/Germany, June 2013. The hummingbird (also known as colibri) is easily the most versatile and flexible of birds.  Barely 5 cm tall, the hummingbird can flap its wings 12-80 times per second, making it possible to hover in mid-air. The movement of the wings is barely perceptible for the human eye and it this that produces a bee-like hum (hence the name). When flying, a colibri can reach speeds of up to 54 km/h. Hummingbirds are the only group of birds capable of flying backwards. And this is all the more awe-inspiring considering that they weigh less than a 1 ct coin.

Pretty impressive for such a miniscule being, LA SIESTA thought. And very inspiring in terms of versatility, flexibility, weight and speed. So inspiring in fact that we decided to not only name a hammock collection after this little guy but also to make sure that it carried similar abilities: The COLIBRI.


Copyright by LA SIESTA 2011
COLIBRI travel hammock. Length: 250 cm, width: 150 cm. Two ropes of 3 m each add up to a maximum length of 8.5 m, which enables you to suspend it between two trees that are 650 cm apart.

Where that idea came from? After 20 years of successfully producing hammocks and hammock chairs for homes and gardens, the LA SIESTA team of product developers decided it was time to cater to the needs of hammock lovers on the road as well. The idea of producing a hammock that was easy to pack, take with you and hang almost anywhere, however adverse the conditions, got our inspiration flowing and the design department humming with sheer anticipation. With so much energy buzzing we went straight ahead to tackle our hummingbird challenges on the way to the perfect travel hammock:

Challenge 1: Weight

We needed a material that not only was extremely light but one that would also take a lot of strain while remaining robust. After deciding on parachute silk as the lightest and most robust material in the outdoor segment, everything else seemed to fall into place. Parachute silk is robust, super light in weight, dries fast and won’t interpret being stuffed in a little bag as maltreatment. And it can do all that at a lean 680 g.


Copyright by LA SIESTA 2012
Weight: 800 g (including suspension mechanism), the packaging is 25 cm long with a diameter of 10 cm. Small enough to fit in almost any bag.

Challenge 2: Flexibility

In order to make our travel hammock as flexible as possible in use, we decided to add an integrated suspension system with enough rope to adapt to suspension points near and far. With EasyAdjust, our suspension system for COLIBRI, we achieved that: It includes 2 polyester ropes (3 m each) and two ultralight UV-resistant hooks made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide, making suspension a breeze. Wherever you are.


Copyright by LA SIESTA 2013
No matter where the mood for relaxation strikes you: With COLIBRI you are prepared. This photo was taken during a world trip with our travel hammock at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, China.

Challenge 3: Versatility

Apart from being so flexible that no suspension challenge can really be lost (more about that soon to come), we wanted our COLIBRI to be versatile enough to use it in other contexts as well. Thanks to the detachable suspension system, it can easily be transformed into a beach or picnic blanket for instance. Or you can use the 8 loops attached to the hammock for storing travel utensils. Or use the hammock bag for storing something else entirely, once you have suspended your hammock. Or you can … oh you get the picture.


Copyright by LA SIESTA 2013
COLIBRI travel hammock can also be used as a beach blanket to protect you from humidity and insects. Picture taken at the Shinjuku Gyoen Park in Tokyo.

Challenge 4: Instant comfort

Putting up a hammock needs to happen fast, when the need for relaxation or shuteye hits you on the road. With the help of EasyAdjust you are in your hammock within two to three minutes, once you have practiced the routine a couple of times.


Copyright by LA SIESTA 2012
The EasyAdjust suspension system enables hammock enthusiasts to mount their hammock within seconds, making the hammock an easy to use travel companion.

Challenge 5: Robustness

Ok, so we don’t know too much about how robust feathered colibris really are, but COLIBRI certainly is. The triple-stitched seams can take a lot and will live up to any test you can put your hammock up to on the road.

All in all, we think our little hammock is a pretty nifty travel companion worthy of its name. It may not be able to fly backwards, but let’s be honest: Who needs a hammock flying backwards?

So: Sell your bed. Travel the world. Find two trees.


PS: Find out where one of our COLIBRI travel hammocks has already been to: Freestyle hammocking by LA SIESTA! Enjoy!


There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?