The Perfect Hammock Picnic Date

Hammocks offer the ambiance of ease and relaxation. With the pressure involved with planning dates, a hammock can provide a great atmosphere for a stress-free time together. LSdate

Be sure to pick out a large enough hammock for you and your significant other can cuddle up—a South American or travel hammock will do. If you’re going farther than your deck or backyard, grab a pair of suspension straps and find two trees to hang your hammock.

Find A Romantic Spot
Try to find a spot that is at least semi-secluded so that you can enjoy the moment. Whether it be off a trail or in a park, make sure you’ll be able to carry on a conversation without having bikers and joggers go by every minute.

You may want to scope out the area before the date to make sure it will work for what you’re planning. Find a place with an excellent view to share with your date. Views of lakes, mountains, or amazing star-gazing are great places to look for. Of course, finding a spot with trees makes for an easy hammock set-up.

Create A Fun Meal
Don’t just pack some deli meat sandwiches and chips. Pick out some artisan bread, add some colorful fruit, and bring ascetically pleasing dinnerware.

Make the meal look good and your significant other surely will be impressed. Add a fun basket to the mix as well. Using the hammock as your picnic blanket helps you pack fewer things as well.

After enjoying your meal, it’s time to hang up your hammock. Find the best spot with the proper distance between two trees and use your suspension straps to hang the hammock and enjoy your relaxing date.

Pull Out All the Stops
Bring candles or lanterns if you are able to work with any restrictions on open flames. If you’ve got access to electricity, add some string lights. You may even want to stay and have a bonfire after your picnic that you can watch from your hammock.

Plan the picnic to land at sunrise or sunset. Take this into consideration when you pick your spot.

Bring a vase and flowers to enjoy as a centerpiece while you eat. You could even have some string and clothespin pictures of your favorite memories between the trees for a special touch.

Have comfortable pillows and blankets ready for when you hang up the hammock.

Add Something They Love
Try adding one of their favorite hobbies into the date. If they love playing music, bring along their instrument. If they love reading, lay back and enjoy your favorite books in the hammock.

If they’re adventurous, either hike or bike out to the spot. Be sure to consider the distance if you’re carrying a heavy basket.

Make A Memory
Overall, your goal is to create such a special date that it’ll be a memory that both of you remember for a long time.

Your perfect hammock date will look entirely different than another’s. Depending on what you and your date enjoy, you can create a specially tailored occasion for each of you. It’s even a date you can change up every time.

What would you plan for your picnic hammock date?

There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?