“So you traded your bed for hammock — how do you make it?”

Have you ever thought about trading in your bed for a hammock and enjoying the benefits a hammock brings? Well, Nathan and Chrissy Wainwright did as a married couple and even shared a hammock for their bed. The couple hails from Arkansas and enjoy spending time outside. Nathan had previously slept in a hammock and decided it could work for two with his own unique setup.

We sat down with Chrissy about their trade-in and how they made it while sharing a hammock to sleep in every night.

When did you start hammocking and why did you decide to trade in a bed for a hammock?
Nathan first set up a hammock when he moved into a college dorm room. He did it because he had always wanted to, mainly because of the movie Rescuers Down Under. He found it to be very comfortable and set up another one after he moved into an apartment.

What was your setup like?
When we bought our first house in 2004, Nathan decided to build a hammock as our bed. He put in 4×4 posts that held a bar on either end. A bolt of fabric was wrapped around the bars and sewn together. It was almost as wide as a queen size bed  so we weren’t on top of each other sleeping.

What was it like sharing a hammock with your husband every night – any tips on a more comfortable night’s sleep with two people?
The hammock did still move a lot when one of us moved, so it would wake the other person up if you moved too much or got in/out of the hammock. We slept in the hammock as long as we were in that house.
Any advice for anyone wanting to try sleeping in hammocks permanently?
Make sure to have some sort of padding or insulation underneath, because a lot of heat will escape out of the bottom. Also do regular inspections to check for any weak points that need to be repaired.
Sleeping in a hammock in lieu of a regular bed can be an interesting adventure and even more so when you share it. With options like suspension systems, stands, or custom-built setups like Nathan created, sleeping in a hammock can be easy. Maybe it’s time for you to sell your bed for the hammock life, too.
Would you try trading in your bed for a hammock? If you have, what was your setup like?
There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?