Turn Your Deck Into a Hammock Oasis

As warmer weather starts to break through winter, more people will be spending time outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Hanging out on the deck, grilling some dinner, and enjoying company are some of the best ways to bring in springtime. Adding a hammock to the equation only makes the experience better. You may want to choose a hammock with spreader bars or a traditional South American hammock to add some colorful seating. Having a few hammock chairs around a circle can also provide a decorative touch.LSdeck

Choose a Hammock
If you spend time out on your deck with family, you may want to look for a family hammock that offers ample space for a few family members to crawl in and relax while dinner cooks on the grill. You can also use hammocks with decorative fringe to really bring out a South American vibe. For fire pits, try putting hammock chairs around it so that people can hang out in comfort and style. Be sure to use the different colors each hammock brings to your advantage. Your deck will start to remind you of your last vacation with all of the bright colors.

Add Some Lighting
Tying up some string lighting always creates the illusion of a starlit night. Try adding it to the perimeter of your deck or crossing it overhead. Lights offer a fun, relaxing atmosphere to your deck. If you are enjoying a fire pit or a late dinner on the grill, it also gives off ample light for late evenings. Tiki torches are a great addition as well, especially with their bug-repellent capabilities.

Complement the Colors
Use potted plants and planter boxes on your deck to bring a tropical feeling to your new oasis. Try matching and complementing the colors of your hammock to create a visual experience for yourself and your guests. If your deck includes a pergola of some kind, hanging ferns or vines can provide a touch of greenery to your new retreat.

Bring Out Refreshments
Grilling out on your deck with friends and family is the perfect way to a carefree night. While dinner’s on the grill, guests can enjoy hanging out on the deck in the hammock or hammock chairs. Bring out some refreshing, colorful drinks for a warm day on a cart or patio table. Use fruit for garnishes, like limes, lemons, and oranges. If you’re building a fire, stock up on S’more supplies to share with your guests.

Have the Essentials
Keep books, magazines, pillows, and blankets close by. A cooler evening is ideal for snuggling up in your hammock with throw blankets. You can lay back and read your favorite book to unwind after a day of work. If you’re a sports fanatic, roll out a TV to watch your team play from the comfort of your hammock. You can do the same thing to create a fun family memory by watching movies with your children.

Add some of your favorite outdoor hobbies to make your oasis truly yours. Every time you take a step out the door, you’ll be walking into a relaxing escape.


There are many ways to sit in a hammock. How many of them do you know?